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Title:MGO Board

Magnesium oxide board is the most basic intermediate materials, after surface decoration to officially use, so the use of magnesium oxide board with wood plate of the same way can by sawing, planing, nail etc. processing technology, made of a variety of decorative works of the structure, through emblazoned emulsioni paint, wallpaper, ceramic tiles do finishes, decoration engineering. As one of the top of the ceiling, it has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, sawing, and can be used for the coating. Suitable for living, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, subway, library, meeting, sports, museums, workshops, and other indoor and outdoor ceiling panels, above and then stick ceramic tile only. Magnesium oxide board has the advantages of high temperature resistance, flame retardant acoustical shockproof, waterproof, anti moth eaten, anti-corrosion light, non-toxic, tasteless, non pollution, can be directly on the paint directly you, veneer, tile, the surface, with good color. High strength, bending resistance. Have toughness, can be saw, can be nailed, can stick, decorate is extremely convenient. Fire Excellence: magnesium oxide board has good fireproof performance, is not burning plate, fire was kept burning time is zero, 800 degrees Celsius does not burn, 1200 degrees Celsius without flame, Avenue the highest fire doesn’t burn level A1 level, production and quality keel partition system, refractory limit reached more than 3 hours, in case of fire burning process can absorb a lot of heat, delay the increase of ambient temperature. Waterproof: in a cool, dry and wet weather, magnesium oxide board performance always firmly as one, by condensation of water droplets and moist air, even if it is placed in the water invasion bubble days after removing the natural air dry, no deformation, soft can be normal use and no occurrence of moisture absorption returned to the halogen phenomenon. After testing, the body is not permeable. Lightweight seismic: glass magnesium board table view density 0.8-1.2g/cm3, reducing load of building, building walls to reduce the weight of more than 60%, and increases the use area of 5-8%. Seismic, effective reduction of the structure and the main body of the structure of the light weight. Superior in strength: MAGNESITE special 5.1.8 phase covered fiberglass cloth and good toughness of plant fiber, magnesium oxide weight although light, but compact structure, good stability, no deformation, with wood like willfulness,, impact resistance, compressive strength, tensile strength and breaking performance realized outstanding, rigidity and toughness equal, flexural strength reached 322khf/cm2 (vertical) and 216kgf/cm2 (level of) and impact strength can reach 25MPa. Environmental health: glass magnesium board must not contain asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and harmful radioactive elements, in case of fire smoke, non-toxic, no smell. Natural mineral powder and plant fiber materials production, nature conservation in the production process, less energy, no pollution discharge, when in use, the surface is not containing off powder, its unique natural pore structure to regulate indoor for the degree, make the bedroom and office more comfortable. Heat insulation and energy saving: magnesium fireproof plate plate uniform pores, dense and inorganic material properties, thermal conductivity 0.216w/cm.k, more insulation than 1.1w/cm.k brick diced, saving energy consumption, the room to maintain a comfortable environment, fresh air. Economic benefits: premium grade magnesium oxide board, the quality is stable and reliable,, compared with other magnesium oxide board, price of organic matter, light, moderate, moderate price installation and processing performance excellence, stickers, cutting, nail, drill, paint, planing, the transportation is convenient, excellent toughness, is not easy to break, arbitrary use of the self tapping, gun nail and nail straight light installation, the use of wet and dry hanging operation.