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Title:Fiber Cement Roofing Sheet

Fiber Cement Roofing Sheet / Corrugated Fibre Cement Roof Sheets

Fiber Cement Roof Sheet is produced by mixing fine natural fibers, portland cement, and mineralizing agents. Fiber cement roof sheets can be used in all building industry for roofing and side cladding.


Features of Fiber cement roofing sheet / corrugated fibre cement roof sheets

* Safety and environmentally friendly

Fiber cement roof sheets do not contain asbestos fiber, it confirms health and safety.

Fiber cement roofing sheets are supplied in natural grey color. It can be painted many different color paintings, paint can be applied by brush, roller or spray gun.
* Durability
Fiber cement roofing sheets have been evaluated for durability by CE.  It is available with a 20 year guarantee.

*Fire Resistant
Fiber cement roofing sheets are noncombustible.
*Wind Resistance
Fiber cement roofing sheets have considerable strength with enhanced dynamic load-bearing properties.
Fiber cement roofing sheet are excellent for roofing and side cladding for all types of buildings. Eg. private house, industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings, where economy and durability are environmental factors.

*Excellent noise and thermal insulation properties

*Resistant to chemical attack, rust, rot and corrosion


Specification of fiber cement roofing sheet / fibre cement roof sheets

Width: 940mm

Length: 1800mm, 1500mm

Thickness: 6mm