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Title:Exterior Decorative Insulation Wall Panel


Exterior Decorative Insulation Wall Panels / PUR sandwich decorative board

Exterior Decorative Insulation wall panel / Metal PU decorative board is a kind of newly-developed and researched light building material. The PU decorative sandwich board outside layer is embossed aluminum zinc coated metal board, and its patterns are brick texture, stone texture, wave texture and tile texture etc. It has been painted seven times by special resin and has more than 50 colors for your choice, and it can guarantee the color for more than 10 years. Its core layer is polyurethane foam which consists the heat preserving and heat insulation layer and its inside is independent closed foam structure. The foil stuck on the back side can reflect heat source effectively, so heat insulation, heat preserving and damp-proof are achieved. The concave-convex inserting-connection combined with the slot makes the construction easy and convenient.

Exterior Decorative Insulation Wall Panels / Metal PU decorative board is a kind of building material of such superior properties as High pressure-resisting, earthquake-resisting, damp-proof, sound insulation, low heat conductivity coefficient, beautiful, durable, energy-saving, easy to construct, environment-protecting etc. And it is widely used in outer wall heat preserving for buildings and indoor decoration.

KRS Metal PU sandwich decorative panels have got the ISO 9001 quality certification, CE and Russia certification.

Exterior PU Insulation Panel is applicable for external wall insulation and decoration for exterior wall of civil and industrial architecture in extremely cold regions or regions where the summer is hot and winter is warm and also applicable for the energy-saving renovation of the existing building


Features of Exterior Decorative Insulation Wall Panels / PUR decorative board

*Excellent Heat Insulation
The heat transfer coefficient of Exterior Insulation Decorative Panels panel can reach 0.27-0.53W/
K achieving an excellent thermal insulation effect. Stability of the chemical structure may assure the durable heat insulation performance, energy saving and environment-friendly.

*Light Weight and Easy Transportation and Installation
Light weight 2-4.7kgs/
. It is easy to transport and install, then save the construction cost.

*Various Choice and Long-Lasting Life

*Strong resistance to deformation
PUR sandwich wall panel is resistance to the wind pressure, bending and deformation. According to the specific projects, a backplane can add to be directly used as retaining walls. The embossed metal is resistance to the thermal expansion and contraction to a certain degree, and will not be cracking.

*Widely Application

Exterior Insulation Decorative Panels are much suitable for the extreme cold regions. The system has good performance of anti-thermal expansions and contraction. In the cold areas, it can avoid such problems like plaster cracking and spalling caused by freezing and thawing. In the hot and wet climate, the surface dry quickly, therefore can prevent the wall mildewing.


Specification of Exterior Decorative PUR Insulation Wall Panels

Exterior PUR Insulation Panel: 16mm*390mm*3800mm

Exterior XPS Insulation Panel: 30-70mm*380mm*3000mm

The length can be customized.