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Title:Fiber Cement Board



Fiber Cement Board / Cement fiber board

Fiber Cement Board is produced by mixing fine natural fibers, portland cement, and mineralizing agents. The mixed material is laid on carrier plates using a unique laying process. The carrier plates with the formed board mat are stacked and compressed using very high pressure to convert the formed mat into boards of required thickness. The stack is kept compressed until cement is hardened. The fresh boards are kept in the maturing store and passed through the conditioning chamber to bring them to equilibrium moisture content. The matured boards are trimmed to the finished size, thoroughly inspected for quality, and packed for dispatch.

Fiber cement board is an environmentally-friendly and safe building product, so fiber cement board are widely applied for various interior and exterior applications where a smooth, flat surface is required for finishing off, cladding, siding, partitioning, and edging various projects.

Cement Fiber Board was first produced in Switzerland in 1967. Since the early70’s, manufacturing plants have been built across Europe to cater to the demand for multipurpose, durable, weather resistant, easy to use, asbestos-free, and economical building boards. It was created to replace wood and wood-derived products in many construction applications. The product was first introduced in Asia in the late 70’s. Through the years, continuous improvements have been made to the manufacturing process, not only to achieve higher volume but better quality as well. KRS Fiber Cement Board has been well accepted in China. The product has been exported to Russia, Korea, Malaysia, Pacific Islands, Nigeria, Ghana, Indonesia, Middle-east and so on. KRS Fiber Cement Board / Cement Fiber Board pass the certification of ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Fiber cement board / fiber cement panel is an economical and lightweight board that can easily be used for all interior and exterior building applications due to the fact that it is unaffected by moisture, is resistant to rotting and corrosion and unaffected by UV light, plus the fact that it can be painted or coated with almost limitless combination of colors and textures for internal and exterior applications. The sheets are best painted with a pure acrylic PVA paint. Where it is intended to use oil or alkyd paints it is essential to prime the sheet with an alkali-resistant sealer.

Fiber cement board is almost maintenance free, extremely weather-resistant, and non-combustible and is designed to have good thermal properties when compared with other building materials. The engineered panels will not rot, warp, shrink, melt, and is resistant to insects.


Install fiber cement boards

The most preferred method of installation is to build a steel or timber frame, onto which you fasten the fiber cement boards.

Drill pilot holes for all fixings using HSS drill bits. The drill bit must be 2mm larger than the diameter of the fixing bolt or screw.


Features and advantages of Fiber Cement Board / Cement Fiber Board


Fiber Cement Board is one of the most durable building boards. It combines the strength of cement with the flexibility of natural fiber.

*Weather Resistance

Fiber Cement Board is weather resistance because the cement inherent performance. Thus, it does not degenerate from the effects of moisture, rain, sun or heat.


Fiber Cement Board passed BS476 Part 6 and 7. It is classified as Class O material. It can be used with heat insulation material to improve its fire prevention capability.

*Heat Insulation

Fiber Cement Board has an excellent heat insulation property. It help saving energy bill for both heat and cold area.

*Sound Insulation

With density of 1100-1300kg/m³ . Fiber Cement Board is an excellent sound proofing material.

*Waterproof and moisture proof


Fiber Cement Board is an excellent substitute for natural wood. It provides exceptional durability, prolonging life of construction. Using it also encourages reforestation program.

*No Hazardous Content

Fiber Cement Board is asbestos free. It contains no health hazardous contens such as urea formaldehyde found in other board materials.


Fiber Cement Board is not only good value for money, its light weight and easy workability reduce foundation and labor costs.


Specification of Fiber Cement Board / Fiber Cement Panel

Normal Size:1200mm*2400mm; 1220mm*2440mm; 1200mm*3000mm;

Customized special size can be discussed if large quantity.

Thickness: 4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,16mm,25mm,30mm,60mm