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Title:Fiber Cement Siding Panel

Fiber Cement Siding Panel / Exterior Siding Board

Fiber Cement Siding Panel is a composite material made of sand, cement and cellulose fibers. It is a type of prefabricated siding board that protects the exterior of a home. Fiber Cement Siding panel requires little to maintenance once installed and painted. In appearance Fiber Cement Siding panel is almost a perfect imitator of wood and is quite often mistaken for wood siding.

Fiber cement siding panel is becoming increasingly popular among new home builders. The panel is widely applicable to the steel residential house and wood structure residential homes, reconstruction of old houses, moveable house, inside and outside decoration of construction project. If you love the authentic look of traditional wood siding but hate the maintenance hassles which accompany it, then fiber cement siding panel may be the perfect choice for your home. Why are remodeling contractors and homeowners moving towards this blend of cement, sand and wood fibers instead of real wood or vinyl siding? The answer may be versatility. This product is more durable than wood, more upscale than vinyl, and costs less than brick or cedar lap. It’s also totally resistant to insects, fire and rot.


The contractors and steel structure builder at the sea side will especially appreciate the fact that this type of siding stands up well to sea salt air. It is very durable and withstands harsh weather for many, many years. The siding panel protects the home from wind and rain damage as well as hail, and can withstand hurricane level storms.


The material is not flammable. Among the many worries of homeowners, fire is usually somewhere at the top of the list. Fiber cement is made up of more than 90 percent of inflammable material. In one reported incident, a fire destroyed fire trucks almost 100 feet away from the flames, but the home constructed with fiber cement was completely protected.


Fiber board cement siding offers complete protection from insects and rotting. The siding has no seams that overlap, which prevents mold or mildew from growing between the outside and interior walls. This feature lessens allergens within the home, further protecting a homeowner‘s family. Fiber cement board has all the benefits of other sidings with few disadvantages.


The appearance of fiber cement siding is perhaps the most surprising aspect of the material. Fiber cement can resemble wood planks or wood shingles. A homeowner does not have to sacrifice the traditional look of a home to gain the many benefits of fiber cement siding.


Features and advantages of Fiber Cement Siding Panel

Fiber cement siding panel is popular among the homeowners because it gives them the beauty and natural look of wood siding without any of the maintenance issues. Unlike wood siding, Fiber Cement Siding Panel has excellent impact resistance, and Fiber Cement Siding Panel will not crack when something like a rock from the lawn mower, or a child’s ball is thrown at it in cold weather. It is also a non combustible material and widely used in areas known to have fire risks. Fiber cement siding panel does not splinter, crack or warp, even after years of exposure to the sun, rain and wind.

In addition, fiber cement siding panel does not rot and it is not susceptible to insect damage. Even larger pests, like squirrels and other curious animals, have a difficult time scratching or chewing through fiber cement siding.

Homeowners also enjoy the design options offered by fiber cement siding panels. Whether you prefer a smooth finish, a wood grain with a decorative beaded edge, or something in between, you can find the look you want in fiber cement siding panels.

And, of course, there is no shortage of color choices if you decide to go with a pre-painted siding product. Not only are your color options broad, but many pre-painted fiber cement siding products include paint warranties that last 15 years.

Remodelers and builders certainly appreciate the practical benefits of fiber cement siding panels, as described above. But there are also installation benefits that home remodeling contractors and builders can take advantage of Versatility, for example, is a huge strength of fiber cement siding.

Fiber Cement Siding Panel is not only used as an exterior siding but can also be used in a sheet form not only as cladding but as a soffit and eave lining or as a tile underlay on decks and in bathrooms. As mentioned before because of its non combustible traits it can also be utilized as a substitute for timber fascias and barge boards in high fire risks.

Fiber cement siding panel is also relatively easy for an experienced builder to install. Conventional tools like a pneumatic nail gun, mechanical shears and diamond tip cutting blades are usually all that is needed to complete a fiber cement siding installation. No special tools means no added installation costs to you, the homeowner. The fiber cement siding panel can be easily cut, sawed, nailed and drilled.


Specification of Fiber Cement Exterior Siding Board

Width: 200mm

Length: 3000mm

Thickness: 8mm