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Title:Resin Roof Tile 1050


Spanish Resin Roof Tile

KRS Spanish resin roof tile is co-extruded with three layers. The top layer is ASA and the middle and bottom layers are UPVC. The Spanish resin roof tile adopts ASA excellent anti-UV performance, then KRS resin roof tile get the outstanding performance long life and long time color preservation. The resin roof tile life can last over 30 years.

The Spanish resin roof tile has been widely applied on the different roofs over 20 years in Europe. From 2000, KRS resin roof tile is used on many kinds of roofs in China and also exported a large quantity to Spain, France, Germany, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Indonesia, India and so on.


Spanish resin roof tile features and advantages

Outstanding Weathering Ability, Long time color preservation, resistance to the extreme temperatures, corrosion resistance and fire resistance.

Long time color preservation: ASA is a kind of excellent weather ability engineering resin. It can last very long lifetime in the natural environment. As the top layer of Spanish synthetic resin roof tile, it can keep both the stable physical performance and chemical performance even long time at UV sunshine, moisture, high temperature and low temperature. At the same time, it can keep the vivid color long time.

Resistance to the extreme temperature: Spanish resin roof tile can maintain stable physical properties under extreme temperature conditions from -40 to 80.

Corrosion Resistance: Spanish resin roof tile is able to resist corrosion of various chemical substances such as acid, alkali and salt. The experiment proves that the roof tile has no chemical reaction when it is soaked in salt, alkali and various acids below 60% over 24 hours. It is much suitable application area with often acid rain and coastal areas.

Fire resistance: resin roof tile belongs to flame retardant material. According to the GB8624-2006 standard test, the fireproofing class is B1.


Excellent physical performance: good resistance to impact, enough loading capacity, light weight, low linear thermal expansion.

Good resistance to impact: The test shows that there is no any crack after 1Kg ball falling from 2 meters. Spanish resin roof tile has also outstanding resistance to impact under low temperature.

Enough loading capacity: In cold area, resin roof tile is not damaged and broken while a lot of thick snows cover on the roof during the winter. The experiment shows the roof tile do not crack and break under loading 150Kg on the base of purlin space not over 750mm.

Light weight: The weight of resin roof tile is only 5.8Kg/. It belongs to light construction materials. Resin roof tile can reduce the weight of construction materials effectively and save the total cost of the construction. At the same time it is easily transported and lifted.


Favorable application performance: Environment-friendly, Heat and thermal insulation, Waterproof performance, Self Cleaning, Quick and easy installation.

Environment-friendly: Resin roof tile do not destroy land and does not contain asbestos and radioactive elements. It can be recycled.

Heat and Thermal Insulation: The coefficient of heat conductivity of resin tile is 0.325w/m.k., which is 1/3 of clay tile‘s, 1/5 of cement tile‘s, and 1/2000 of steel tile.

Waterproof: Since the Resin roof tile is a much large sheet overlap one by one, the fewer installation overlap can increase waterproof performance greatly.

Self Cleaning: The surface of resin tile is glossy with lotus effect. It could be washed clean by rain and snow.

Easy and quick installation: Because resin tile is a large sheet with light weight, it is easily loaded and transported. Certainly it can save the labor cost and installation cost.


Specifications of Spanish resin roof tile




Width mm



Overlap mm



Effective Width mm



Weight 3mm

6.0±0.2 kg/


Wave Height mm



Wave Length mm



Purlin Space mm



Roof Slope



Thickness mm

Standard 3.0, Available thickness 2.0,2.5

Length   mm


Color available

Bright Red, Deep Red, Wine Red, Terracotta, Bronze, White, Grey, Black, Green, Blue