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Title:Asphalt Shingles


Asphalt Shingles / Roofing Shingle/ Roof Shingle / Fiberglass Asphalt Shingle Roof

Asphalt roofing shingles are made from fiberglass, recycled materials and asphalt. Their unique construction gives them the durability to last for over decades. Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing materials for steep roofs used today. They are made into many layers. The top layer consists of granules imbedded in asphalt and a seal-down strip. In the core of a shingle there is a fiberglass mat. The longevity of a shingle depends on the quality of the asphalt, the amount of asphalt used, and the quality of the fiberglass mat.

There are many different colors, textures, and patterns. The two styles of shingles are single-layer shingles and laminated shingles. There are many shapes of single-layer shingle, such as 3-tab shingles, square shingles (Mosaic pattern), rhombic shingles (Gothic pattern), scale-shaped shingles etc.

Asphalt shingles will fit any style because they are available in a variety of colors and patterns as well. Many homeowners like the variety that the roofing shingles offer because they are able to match the color of the shingles with the color of their home. This gives their home a uniformed appearance that is particularly attractive to many homeowners. When choosing roofing shingles for a home it is important to take the color of the shingle into account. The lighter and neutral colors have tiny granules imbedded in them which helps the shingles reflect sunlight and can thus keep a home cooler during the hot summer months. Keeping the home cooler is ideal because it will help to drive down the monthly energy bills that need to be paid. With proper ventilation and composition shingles, a homeowner could see their energy bill drop within the first year of the shingling.

With extensive product warranties of up to 50 years, KRS appraised the Asphalt Shingles form the perfect lightweight roofing system. Whether it be building a new home or reroofing an existing one, KRS asphalt shingles provide the idea solution for both residential and commercial applications. Roofing Shingle is also an ideal roofing solution for new home or building, or if you are reroofing an existing property.

When choosing the right roofing shingle for a home the homeowner has the option of plain shingles or fancier shingles that are called shadow shingles. The shadow shingles give the shingle the appearance of being three dimensional and similar to wooden shakes. Some homeowners choose the shadow shingles because they feel that they give their home a classier and more refined look. The shadow shingles are available in a variety of colors and are a bit more expensive than the plain asphalt shingles.

Roofing shingles should not be installed during the cold, harsh winter months. It is ideal to have the shingles installed during warmer months so that they are fit properly to the home and do not become damaged.


Features of Asphalt Shingles / Roofing Shingle / Roof Shingle

*Durable surface

The granules give the shingle color, reflect the light and give the shingle a durable surface;


As one of waterproof materials, have good water resistance;

*Easy to install

Light weight, easy to install, high efficiency, cost saving and time saving;

Wind resistance: the seal-down strip, when heated by the sun, melts the shingles together to prevent wind uplift.


Variety of shapes, more colors available and stabilization of colors;


Heat and humidity resistance can absorb raindrop slap and noise;


Hard granules, modified asphalt and high quality mat guarantee long life;

*Easy to maintain

They can be replaced quite easily without any demanding roof work.


Specification of roofing shingles / fiberglass asphalt shingles roof

Length: 1000±3mm

Width:  333±3mm

Thickness: 2.6mm~2.8mm per layer

Colors: 12 colors available

Packing: 21pieces per bundle

Warranty: 20years, 30years, 50years, 70years