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Title:FRP Translucent Roofing Sheet


FRP Translucent Roofing Sheet / FRP Transparent Sheet

FRP Translucent Roofing Sheet, also known as FRP transparent sheet and fiberglass reinforced polyester skylight panel, made from high-performance protective film, unsaturated polyester resin and glass fiber. Because of its stable quality, durable features, deeply welcomed by customers, the product can be widely applied in industrial, commercial, civil roof and wall, that is, chemical factory, steel structure workshop, warehouse, canopy, car shed, passageway, day lighting shed, greenhouse and so on.

KRS FRP translucent roofing sheet allow light transmission for energy savings at a fraction of the cost of traditional materials like glass and possesses better impact and weathering strength than glass or other plastics.

FRP transparent sheet is the ultimate solution for the need of superior light transmission from your roof, its multi angle bending of light make the sunlight shine softer for a smooth ambience indoor. The easy installation and excellent choices of FRP sheet is also complimented with a 100 % water resistance capability. Customers can choose from our wide range of profiles with different colours, light transmission rate, and warranty period to suite every needs.

Why do you choose KRS FRP translucent roofing sheet?

First of all, the company‘s commitment to quality is reflected in the exclusive use of premium grade raw materials that guarantees the quality and stability of FRP translucent roofing sheets.

Secondly, we adopt the manufacturing procedures and technologies. Fiberglass processing, high temperature molding, resin film and automated mixing technologies which received international recognition had enable our product outshines local products in terms of durability and quality.

Thirdly, supporting our manufacturing process, the company has a dedicated team of technical staff to provide expert advice on product performance, installation and design criteria for a total customer satisfaction.

A high quality FRP sheets not only requires good quality anti UV film and resin systems, solidify degree also pay an important role in obtaining the best FRP panel. In clinical test, our FRP sheets obtain an outstanding 99% of solidify degree. Thus, the flexural strength and the exceptional structure of fiberglass had enabled our products to withstand the harshest UV ray, water moisture and corrosion. Due to the outstanding solidify degree, the tensile strength; shear strength and compressive strength of our products are also increases tremendously.


Features of FRP translucent roofing sheet / FRP transparent sheet

*Light transmission

The light transmission of FRP Transparent Sheet is between 65-90%. Light through FRP Translucent sheet scatters and is mild. It will not form a light band so as to make the indoor brighter.
*Weather resistance

The 23μm anti-aging film from Dupont covering on the surface of FRP sheet improves its property of weather resistance. The anti-ultraviolet adsorbing agent mixing in the raw materials absorbs 99.9% of ultraviolet ray of the visible light transmitted through the FRP sheets. This UV protection will help to prevent the dissolution and discoloration of the materials. The unique technology used in KRS FRP Translucent Sheet makes the life time up to over 15 years warranty.

*Impact resistance

When impacted by spalls or hails, FRP transparent sheets are hardly broken.
*Corrosion resistance

FRP sheets resist various acids, alkalis and peroxides, especially suitable for  application in the coastal areas and corrosive places.
*Temperature performance
FRP transparent sheet is a kind of hot solid high polymer materials. It is designed for normal use in temperatures from - 40
*Heat insulation
The coefficient of heat-conduction of FRP Sheet is 0.18kcat / mhr
, only 1/4 of the glass. That is why it has a good property of heat insulation.

The fire-retardant of FRP Translucent Sheet meets the requirement of the commercial building or residential house.

*Easy to install & maintain
FRP transparent roofing sheets are easy to install with normal methods used for roofing sheets.


Specification of FRP translucent roofing sheet and FRP transparent sheet

Width: 820mm,840mm,900mm,940mm,1000mm,1050mm


Length: Customized

Color: clear, white, sky blue, lake blue, opal